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Lost / Stolen Mobile Phones

If your mobile is lost or stolen, you can report it to have it blocked, so it is useless for anyone else. Please make sure your phone connection is in your name and you have your IMEI number.


Your IMEI Number

IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity, which can be used to block your mobile phone if it is missing. To get your IMEI number, dial *#06# on your mobile phone. Store this number in a safe place for reference.


How to report your lost/stolen phone

  • Call police 15 to report your missing handset and place a recovery request

  • Call PTA toll-free number 0800-25625 to make your phone inoperative

  • Call CPLC at 021-5682222 to make your phone inoperative


Get Your SIM blocked

Call your mobile phone company to block your SIM from being misused.


You will need to provide the following information

  • IMEI number

  • Cell phone number

  • Name

  • National Identity Card number

  • Address and contact number

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