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Walk With Me In Love

Walk with me in love,
Talk to me about what you can not say to others,
Laugh with me when you feel silly,
Cry with me when you are sad,
Share with me all the beautiful things in life,
Fight with me against all the ugliness of life,
Stand with me and hear my plea,
Create with me the dreams that we may follow,
Have fun with me in whatever we may do,
Work with me towards common goals,
Dance with me to the rhythm of our love,
Walk with me throughout life,
Let's hug each other at every step
Into our journey of forever!
I Love You,,,Always and Forever Yours

Our love like the rose on the vine,
It sparkled with the morning dew,
It had its thorns,
Yet blossomed and grew.

As with many beautiful things
we take for granted life and love.
Let not another day go by that
we do not share the wonder
of that love.

Let the love sparkle with the dew,
cast aside the thorns and make our
life so happy and new.

Copyright © 2006, All rights reserved.