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"Love Is Forever"

Love is forever you told me that day.
Our love will last, and never go away.
If love is good, love is kind, love is true.
Then why does it hurt so much, to love you?

Why does it hurt now that you've gone away?
Why do I sit, missing you every day?
Why do I cry, at the sound of your name?
Love seemed so true was it only a game?

Why does my heart match my eyes, both so blue?
Why do I spend nights just thinking of you?
So, let me know when you think you'll be back.
Or should I just spend my life wearing black.

In my heart most of all I trusted you.
Now This cold empty house seems so untrue.
But my heart says: "you'll come back to my life."
"I'm here, wearing black, and I'm still your friend."

Copyright © 2006, All rights reserved.