Free Mobile Balance & Cash Money


Note: Please read it completely and if consider that it is fraud then never send your mobile number.

Dear Group Members,
(Please Read Carefully and with full attention.)

As you made transactions on Internet for purchase through credit card or you transfer money from one country to other, you face much problems.

Now the solution of this problem is just coming. You only made transaction from mobile phone and you request will be completed in 2 or 3 mins. For example you will write the amount, mobile number of whom you want to send money, and send the message to server (amaana).

Now a days system (amaana) is collecting mobile numbers and paying Rs.10.00 or Rs.25.00 or Rs.50.00 rupees balance to whom which register yourself with this system.

Procedure to Register:

Now, I have a kind request to you that you send your mobile numbers on

E-mail :-

I will send you a SMS on your mobile no's. You only replay this message as

Register [first_name] [last_name]

For Example:

Register Syed Sohail

And send me in reply of message which I'll send you.

In 2 or 3 minutes, You will get the balance of Rs.10.00 or Rs.25.00 or Rs.50.00 in your account. (There is no limitation of what type of sim (connection) you have)

Register with this system as soon as possible and enjoy its benefits.


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